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Strengths of the Canton of Bern > Strengths at a glance
Strengths at a glance

Leading edge technology

Leading edge technology has been part of the Swiss economy for centuries. The Biel-Seeland and Bernese Jura regions in the north of the Canton of Bern are home to the international watchmaking industry. Watches such as Rolex, Longines, Swatch and Rado are manufactured in the Canton of Bern. Today, the know-how acquired in watchmaking is also used in other fields: in medical technology, IT and the automotive industry, in the engineering industry and in the precision industry. Finesse in nanotechnology can also be found in the Canton of Bern. The Canton of Bern also boasts a network of cluster organisations and centres of expertise which can assist you with your projects, or, alternatively, cooperation with the university and universities of applied sciences is possible. 


Ideal base for dealing with European markets

Bern is located in the center of Switzerland and has a superb infrastructure. Whether by airplane, train or car, you can reach almost all of the major European cities in just a few hours, making it possible to deal with the European markets directly from a central location in the Canton of Bern. The Canton of Bern’s cosmopolitan, multilingual employees speak your customers’ language! And not least of all, Switzerland’s largest bilingual city, Biel–Bienne, is located in the Canton of Bern.


Political centre of Switzerland

The city of Bern is Switzerland’s capital city and the seat of the Swiss government, which makes Bern an ideal location, if you want to exploit its proximity to Swiss politics and the important federal offices. In addition, many national organizations (e.g. Swissmedic – the Swiss Agency of Therapeutic Products) have their home here.


High quality of life

The Canton of Bern is attractive not only as an economic location, but also as a place to live. Bern unites a high quality of life and safety. A wide range of leisure activities including museums, concerts, theatres, open-air performances and international sports events make the Canton of Bern unique. In less than an hour it is possible to be skiing in the Bernese Alps or sailing on one of the magnificent lakes in the Bernese Oberland or in the Biel-Seeland region. Or, if you prefer, the inviting, gentle hills of the Jura are easily accessible for hiking and cross-country skiing. The city of Bern is a UNESCO world cultural heritage site and the region of Jungfrau-Aletsch-Bietschhorn is a UNESCO world natural heritage site. Renowned holiday destinations such as Grindelwald, Interlaken or Gstaad are also located here.


Unique institutes of education and further education

The International School of Bern is a day school which has been recognised by the CIS (Council of International Schools) and NEASC (New England Association of Schools and Colleges), where children and young people are taught in English according to an international syllabus. There are also schools which have French as their language of instruction in the Canton of Bern.Thanks to the Bern University of Applied Sciences (Berner Fachhochschule), the University of Bern and many private institutes of education and further education, finding employees in the Canton of Bern with the necessary qualifications to guarantee the success of your project is a simple matter. Numerous research and development institutes (at universities of applied sciences and the university) ensure that you are always up-to-date on processes and state-of-the-art products.

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