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Bernese companies

Is your company located in the Canton of Bern? Do you intend to develop or launch an innovative new product? More information:
Foreign companies

Are you domiciled abroad and would like to establish a company in the Canton of Bern? Here you find all the necessary information:
Energie-Apéros 2014
Der energie-cluster.ch organisiert Anfang 2014 wieder 15 Energie-Apéros in den Kantonen Bern, Solothurn und Wallis.
SIAMS 6th-9th mai 2014 in Moutier
The exhibitor of the SIAMS represent who is who in automation, mechanics and suppliers of micro engineering industry. siams.ch
SEF 2014 «The Big Shift»
How is the life of our children going to look like in the future? What about politics and economy? The SEF is here for guidance. swisseconomic.ch
Magazine «bernecapitalarea»
Read the new bernecapitalarea magazine. Enter here.
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